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  • Water and Sewer Utilities on / Near Property

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    Land in county and local municipalities vary in accordance for water and sewer service. Land in the county usually does not have central water and sewer services and therefore one must design and construct approved systems usually by the County Health Department or State Environmental office. Land nearer local municipalities have central water and sewer available. Some properties already have water and sewer stubbed into the property ready to hook up with a fee and permit to hook in. Others have water and sewer at the contiguous road or street but need a road opening permit and hook up permit to connect to the municipality. These are NOT stubbed in but the property is in the local water and sewer district and therefore is paying a tax fee for this service. Depending upon the size of proposed action(what is being planned for the property) sometimes on site water and sewage treatment systems are needed. For example some municipalities require a pretreatment process for breweries and distilleries. Some do not. If a major housing project is planned and the local municipal sewer and water treatment does not have enough capacity the developer will need to construct additional facilities either on site or provide monies to expand the municipal facilities
  • Local, County and State Road Contiguous to Property

    Select the criteria you are looking for. Some Land investors require state and major interstate access that is either close by or contiguous to the property, others look for land within municipalities that have paved municipal roads and street access. Still others like agricultural users seek only access and unpaved unimproved access is fine. Select your criteria
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